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Picture: Patrice Bechtiger



- "Requiem Londinium" by Lee Schornoz live-performances feat. Symphonic Orchestra Ouroboros,   Choir TiramiSu, E-Band and Opera Singer Nikolina Pinko will apear on stage on 14./15.10.2023

- New Double-Album "Requiem Londinium - Electronic Version" will be released on october 14th      2023

- working on new album called "Black Country Greats" (Mixing sessions by Sebi Zwahlen)

- Recording sessions with Zeno Tornado & ThIll Eagles (ongoing from march 2023)

- Recording sessions with Felix Honsa & die Gurus (ongoing from april 2023 - mixing session by Sebi   Zwahlen)

- working on new album called "Afri-can" (Demo-phase)

- a.o.

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