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Picture: Serge Stauffer



- "Requiem Londinium" by Lee Schornoz, arranged by Manfred Jungo, choir re-arrangements by        Stéphane Cosandey - live-performances feat. Symphonic Orchestra Ouroboros Ensemble,            choir TiramiSu Vocal Ensemble, opera singer Nikolina Pinko, the three girl-                    singers Alessia Baeriswyl, Augustine Julmy und Elea Sauteur, cantor Jean-Charles Gonzalez,    the church organ player Sally-Jo Rüedi & an E-Band feat. Julien Menth, Sandro Schmutz,          Thomas Jenny, Christophe Egger, Joel Martinho & Adrian Mahler apeared on stage on    14./15.10.2023 was a huge success. In preparation: Live-recording mixes by Gerald Hahnefeld    & live-video filmed by Vollformat, edited by Lee Schornoz, finalized and re-edited by Serge    Stauffer of All information:

- new composition for a Bern-based choir and chamber orchestra, directed by Nikolina Pinko

- upcoming concerts with Italian singer Ida Elena (more infos coming soon)

- guitar studio sessions @ Caliber Club 2.0 for the new album by New Grove Project                (SWE/GB/CH) feat. Robert Webb (former keyboarder of the prog-rock-group England), André        Schornoz a.o. - Info

- working on new album called "Black Country Greats" feat. Zeno Tornado, André Schornoz &        Adrian Mahler - album has been mixed by Sebi Zwahlen in assistance of Lee Schornoz at          Strawberry Studios, Münsingen, Switzerland

- Recording sessions with Zeno Tornado & ThIll Eagles (ongoing since march 2023)

- working on new live-project called "Afri-can" (Demo-phase)

- New Double-Album Lee Schornoz - "Requiem Londinium (Electronic Version)" released on            october 13th 2023 - buy album now

- New album with 13 tracks with Felix Honsa & die Gurus "Jetzt sind wir da" released on july    23rd 2023 - buy album now

- a.o.

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